Travel Voucher Program Information, Downloads, Forms, etc.

Travel Voucher Program

ARCIL Travel Program promotes achievement of Independent Living goals for people with disabilities. Our goal is to improve transportation options and provide viable, affordable transportation in our 11-county service area (Bastrop, Bell, Blanco, Burnet, Caldwell, Comal, Hays, Lee, Milam, Travis, and Williamson counties). Our survey will help you identify your transportation resources and help us determine which program can help you. Together, we will develop your Individual Transportation Plan.

Assistance from ARCIL is not intended to be a long-term solution for anyone's transportation needs. When you have an Individual Transportation Plan, ARCIL may be able to assist for approximately 90 calendar days.



Participation in the program requires a plan to meet your long-term transportation needs. For most people, this means using an existing public transportation service. e end goal for each individual is to develop, acquire or gain access to long-term transportation solutions such as;

a. Learning to use a combination of transportation services
b. Gaining employment, thus able to aord a private vehicle or pay for privately-operated transportation service;
c. Gaining access to public transportation services due to changes in eligibility requirements or service area;
d. Moving to an area to gain access to transportation services;
e. Finding, joining or developing a ride-share, van pool, or similar service.



All participants must meet the following criteria:

• Participants must have a disability as dened by the Americans with Disabilities Act.
• All participants must have an Individual Transportation Plan (ITP) which documents Independent Living or employment goals.
• The eligible area is ARCIL’s 11 county region. Consumers must live in the region.



ARCIL will provide a transportation subsidy, in the form of mileage reimbursement, to an eligible participant according to the Individual Transportation Plan. Individuals receiving Volunteer Driver Support are eligible for mileage reimbursement for trips with an origin or destination in the Austin urbanized area. You will find volunteer drivers, schedule your own trips and return reimbursement forms for approved trips. ARCIL will provide reimbursement to volunteer drivers based on miles per trip. ARCIL may require cost-sharing, that is, make payment for a percentage (80%, 50%, etc.) of the per-mile rate.



Individuals receiving Travel Training learn to use transportation services for travel to and from the Austin urban area. Travel training will help people with disabilities learn to use different transportation services, or even a combination of services, to get where they need to go. This can mean learning to use public buses, trains, inter-city buses, door-to-door services, rural transit services, volunteer driver programs, and others.



ARCIL has made arrangements to provide a limited number of free passes for Capital Metro services, CARTS, or other transportation services. If your Individual Transportation Plan indicates you have a nancial need while you learn to access a transportation service, we may be able to provide transportation fare assistance for a short period of time.



ARCIL Inc. has defined trip purposes on the program to include:

• Work
• Medical
• Education
• Shopping