ARCIL Austin Services

ARCIL Austin services are available to persons with disabilities, their families and communities throughout Travis and surrounding counties.

ARCIL Austin Contact Information and map

Core Services

Core services are available at ARCIL Austin, ARCIL San Marcos & ARCIL Round Rock


Provide information and assistance for people with disabilities and their families in accessing support systems, and promoting changes that enhance full access to the community.

Independent Living Skills

Provide opportunities for people with disabilities to gain the skills that empower them to live independently. The following are examples of independent living skills activities:

• Independent living skills training (problem solving, decision making activities)
Functional life skills training
Social & recreational activities
For more information on available independent living skills training see our transition services department.

Information & Referral

Provide comprehensive and up to date information on available resources for people with disabilities and assist individuals by providing referrals for:

Attendant assistance services
Community resources for related services

Peer Counseling

Offer people with disabilities the opportunity to interact with peers sharing knowledge, experiences and related issues such as:

• Friendship
• Leisure recreation
• Family support

Ancillary Services

Transition Service

Transition services empowers consumers to participate and advance as members of the community. This service focuses on independent living skills, community supports, social leisure activities and appropriate referrals for education, training and employment.

Home By Choice (HBC) Project

Do you, or someone you know live in a nursing facility but want to move back home? Do you want to live with family members or find an affordable apartment? People in nursing facilities can choose to live in their own homes or with their families with the appropriate support systems. Can you live at Home? Contact the ARCIL, Inc., HBC Project.

Miscellaneous Community Services

Americans with Disabilities Act Technical Assistance
Disability Awareness Workshops
Consulting Services for Business and Government
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