Frequently Asked Questions

quotes.pngQ What classes are available at ARCIL, Inc.?

A Select the class schedule link to see the current class offerings at ARCIL, Inc.

— ARCIL, Inc.

quotes.pngQ What medical services are available to help people move out of the nursing homes and into their own apartment, or back home with family?

A Qualified individuals can receive home health care support, including attendant, nursing and visiting physician services, and medical supplies and hardware, as needed.

— (HBC)

quotes.pngQ Who can qualify for the services provided through DADS/MFP and ARCIL HBC programs?

A People who have been in a nursing home for at least one month, and who's services there are being paid by "nursing home medicaid" benefits.

— (HBC)

quotes.pngQ What can be done to help people who do not have money pay for all of the costs of  securing and moving into an apartment, or other residence?

A Individuals who qualify for DADS/MFP can receive up to $2,500 in Transition Assistance Services (TAS) to help them meet the costs of rent, utility and telephone deposits, furniture, housewares, appliances, cleaning supplies, moving expenses and other things they may need to facilitate their move out of the nursing home.  Other local or state financial support may be available, dependeing on the specific needs of the individual.

— (HBC)

quotes.pngQ How do I apply for help in moving out of the nursing home?

A You can contact ARCIL for assistance or call the local DADS office and tell them you want to apply for help in moving out of the nursing home.  Ask them to help you complete a Community Care Intake, and explain what services are available to help you relocate to a private residence or assisted living home.

— (HBC)