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Posted by Meredith Kuntzsch on
I am a Northwest Austin resident currently working at a CIL in Michigan in PR and Community Affairs. I am fortunate to work both from home in Austin and Michigan. It is my great honor to do this work in a consumer operated organization. Advocating for consumers with disabilities of all kinds tends to be a personal mission for us all. Let's continue to lead the charge to change societal attitudes about persons with disabilities. It is important to provide an environment where everyone, regardless of their abilities, can contribute to their communities based on their own interests, skills, and desires. Thank you to all the CILs in my hometown of Austin and surrounding areas. I'm so proud of what you do for our neighbors. At some point I would love the opportunity to meet with you to hear about the services you are providing in Central Texas. Good luck with all your valuable work!

Meredith Kuntzsch
Posted by Rev. Andrew Valentine on
An awesome sight you have. Am an early CIL Warrior, and currently live on Maui and am active with the Maui CIL. It is truly inspiring to see how well CIL's are doing in the new millinium.
Keep The Torch High
Posted by Julie Andrews Blacklock on
You have fantastic services and have always had wonderful classes and information to assist individuals with increasing their independence and daily living skills. We look forward to using your services for our consumers.
Applied Living Solutions (HCS-waiver program)
Julie Blacklock
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